Visioning Resources

September 24, 2017

Your district team is providing an encouraging video and resources to engage your congregation in discovering and cultivating vision in your local church.

The video is designed to be used in worship, yet we encourage your church to use it however might be most
helpful on or around September 24, 2017. The video, worship planning resources, and other materials on visioning
are available below.



Video Download 

(for most computers, right-click on a link and “save as” in a location you can find later)

High Definition Download (Larger File, 1.4 GB): 

Standard Definition Download (Smaller File, .2 GB):   



Video Streaming

Streaming (not recommended for use during worship):


Additional Resources

Here are links for additional resources.

PDF Format:

Word Format:


The resources include:

          ❖ Optional Worship Resources to Plan Your Worship—scriptures, songs, prayers, call to worship
          ❖ Optional Bulletin Insert—a complement to Tom Carver’s video message 
          ❖ District Vision Sheet—see how your input over the last year is shaping the work we do as a district 
          ❖ Vision Audit—tool to measure the strength of “Vision” in your church 
          ❖ Discussion Questions for Sunday School or small group 
          ❖ Additional Resources for Vision and Church Leadership 
          ❖ Flyer for the Upcoming Workshop on Developing an Intentional Discipleship Pathway for Your Church