Charge Conferences

All Charge Conference Forms are available on the Church Dashboard.  If you have any questions please let Judi at the District Office know.  Form I- Pastor Support is available on Forms page of the conference website.  A copy of Form I (Pastoral Support) MUST be submitted to the District Office a week prior to your charge conference!


Charge Conference Schedule
Minutes Template
Form I (Pastoral Support) and Instructions



Training Sessions for Elders and Pastors about Charge Conferences


Part 1: Why?


Part 2:  Preparation for the Charge Conference

Checklist for Preparing for the Charge Conference


Part 3:  Charge Conference 

Checklist for the Charge Conference


Part 4:  After the Charge Conference

Checklist for After the Charge Conference




Here are links to one of the training sessions about Visioning Events and Charge Conferences that were held in July and August:

Part 1: Introductions and Glory Sightings:

Part 2: Tom Describing Visioning Events and Charge Conferences:

Part 3: Judi Giving Details on CC Paperwork: