Charge Conferences

Charge Conferences will be done again this year as they were done last year.  This means that elders will again lead charge conferences.  Here is the list matching churches to elders.  Please let Judi know as soon as the date as been agreed upon.  Reminder that ALL charge conferences must by done no later than November 11!!!


All Charge Conference Forms are available on the Church Dashboard.  If you have any questions please let Judi at the District Office know. 

Form I- Pastor Support is available on Forms page of the conference website .  A copy of Form I (Pastoral Support) MUST be submitted to the District Office at least two  weeks  prior to your charge conference!


2018 Charge Conference Schedule

2018 Agenda

Checklist- Prior to Charge Conference

Checklist- During Charge Conference

Checklist- After Charge Conference

Minutes Template